Model - 252 Loose Weight and Conversion Kit

Capacity Platform Size Division
500 kg. 600 mm x 600 mm 10 kg X 100 gm
300 kg 635 mm x 406 mm 10 kg X 100 gm
100 kg 410 mm x 330 mm 05 kg X 50 gm

Some Attractive Features

Conversion Kit

Model Capacity
ASP-252 300 kg.
ASP-252 500 kg.


Optional Facilities (at extra charges)

Model - 192 Steelyard type and Conversion Kit

Design and Constructional Features

"ASCO" Steelyard type heavy duty Portable Plateform Machine Model No 192 has special design for exceptional strength of bottom work to bear unexpected shocks and worst handling. These machines are tested rigorously such a way that one can safely depend on its accuracy. durability and quality of components. The platform levers stool pillar. bracket wheels, frame work are made from graded casting. The platform is bolted with solid steel backrail to protect pillar and steelyard. Kinfeedges and bearings are made of special alloy steels for better machining and proper heat treating. The machine fully confirms IS-1435-1960 and comply with the rules and regulations laid down by W & M dept.


Steelyard is gratuated up 10 the full capacity of the machine very preciesly, provided with knotch protection bar and fitted at suitable angle with clearly marked index plate made of brass for long life.

Quality And Service

"ASCO" machines are manufactured with the help of high standard quality materials and under strict supervision to ensure accuracy and long life even under hazardous working condition We provide after sales service to customers by our factory trained mechanics free of charge for one year. We also entertain service. maintenance and stamping contract for weighing machines at reasonable rates. Our technical representative will always be available to answer your weighing problems.

Capacity Major Bar Minor Bar Platform size Accuracy
300 Kg 300 Kg x 10 Kg 10 Kg x 100 gm 610 mm x 610 mm 100 gm
500 Kg 500 Kg x 20 Kg 20 Kg x 100 gm 762 mm x 762 mm 100 gm
1000 Kg 1000 Kg x 50 Kg 50 Kg x 200 gm 914 mm x 914 mm 200 gm
2000 Kg 2000 Kg x 50 Kg 50 Kg x 200 gm 1020 mm x 1020 mm 200 gm
3000 Kg 300 Kg x 100Kg 100 kg x 500gm 1020 mm x 1020 mm 500 gm